Tournament Schedules
Arlington Tournaments

Fort Worth Tournaments

Wednesday Nights - 8-Ball on the 8' tables at 8PM. $6.00 Entry fee. $11.00 Entry on the last Wednesday of the month.
    Tuesday Nights - Handicapped 9-Ball Double Elimination, break and run pot, $10.00 Entry 8PM. **Sign up starts at 5PM.**
Thursday Nights - 9-Ball on the 9' tables @ 8PM. $6.00 Entry fee. $11.00 Entry fee on the first Thursday of the month.
    Wednesday Nights - Handicapped 9-Ball, Double Elimination, break & run pot, $10.00 Entry 8PM **Sign up starts at 5PM.**

All tournaments played by BCA rules. 8 - 16 players house adds $25.00 Over 16 players house adds $50.00
If 3 or more "Ladies" enter any of the tournaments we will pay the last lady out.
No JUMP or MASSE shots, you will forfeit your match !!

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